Civil Construction

Comprehensive civil construction and earthworks

The key to any successful construction project is the quality of the civil works forming the foundation. It is critical that every stage from planning and design, through to completion of the works, is carried out with meticulous attention to detail, and in compliance with all safety standards[AB20], for an enduring result.

The civil and earthworks team at SGF Group specialise in all aspects of civil engineering, collaborating seamlessly with other professional services to complete jobs with efficiency and precision. Above all, we strive to constantly exceed expectations by ensuring we meet the needs of our clients (not the other way around!). If a job is difficult, fiddly, remote or awkward for any reason, we find solutions – not excuses.

Civil and Construction Capabilities

SGF Group provide a broad range of services to cater to projects of any size and scope. Working on residential, government and commercial ventures, such as shopping complexes, schools, hospitals, stadiums, hotels, mining sites, councils and redevelopments, we’ve successfully delivered civil construction and earthworks including:

• Bridges and Culverts

• Bulk earthworks and excavation

• Footings, slabs and associated concrete structures

• Instillation of various underground services

• Land divisions

• Pipe laying

• Pump stations

• Solar Farms

• Retaining walls

• Road construction and repairs

• Storm watert

• Urban renewal